4 Third Reich propaganda books

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Auction ended: July 7, 2019
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Lot of four books.
1. "Obermenzing - Untermenzing - Allach - Ludwigsfeld - Solln vereint mit München 1938" 
Picture book with handwritten imprint. A picture book about Munich and its above named districts. Good condition.
2. "Liebe zu Deutschland" edited by Willi Roch und Friedrich Böer
Published by Holle & Co., Berlin in 1934. Book about German people, culture and landscapes in picture and words.
Very good condition with signs of use mostly on the book envelope.
3. "So wurde Großdeutschland" by Martin Buchow
Published by Buchmeister-Verlag, Berlin in 1938. A report about the important events of spring 1938.
Good condition, but there are signs of use on the back of the cover.
4. "Neues Deutschland" by Friedrich Stieve
Published by Heinrich Hoffmann, München.
Picture book about Germany in the Third Reich.
Good condition with few signs of use.

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