Panzerjägerst./JG51 grouping to Fw. Kubacky

Grouping to Feldwebel Hans-Willi Kubacky serving with II./Jagdgruppe 231, Jagdgeschwader 51 "Mölders" and Jagdgeschwader 54 "Grünherz".
A personal letter he must have written to the last owner of the grouping. He informed him on his military career starting in 1934 and tells about Hans-Ulrich Rudel who allowed him to hob on a Ju52 in order to avoid being captured by the Russian in the last minute. The letter contains all relevant unit information and dates you need to research his service time.
Certificate to the Wound Badge in black issued to Kubacky serving with "Panzerjägerstaffel / J.G. Mölders". Issued on 26.11.1942 and signed by fighter pilot ace Oberstleutnant Karl-Gottfried Nordmann. 
Certificate to the East Medal serving with III./J.G. Mölders, 8. Staffel with original signature of his Staffelkapitän. 
Certificate to the Iron Cross 2nd Class signed by Generaloberst Richthofen. Never folded. 
Certificate card for the Bulgarian Pilot's Badge. German and Bulgarian language edition.
Certificate to the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with sowrds issued on 30.9.1940.
Jagdgruppe II/231. Zerbst 6. Staffel document confirming that Kubacky agreeing to 7,5 years of service until 1948. 
"Befähigungsnachweis" citation for passing the "Flugzeug-(Ober-)Feldwebel" tests. 14.9.1943 issued.
Feldwebel promotion certificate signed by signed by fighter pilot ace Oberstleutnant Karl-Gottfried Nordmann. Serving with "Panzerjägerstaffel / J.G. Mölders". 
POW documents as well as very interesting postwar documents related to veteran's association meetings of J.G.54. Furthermore, a personal letter sent from Hannes Trautloft.
One original photo showing him next to an aircraft.
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