SS-Standarte Deutschland photo album

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Auction ended: February 21, 2016
Important SS-Standarte "Deutschland" photo album.
Official black SS "Zur Erinnerung an meine Dienstzeit" photo album with large size deepened printed SS runes to the cover. Printed pictures of Hitler and Himmler to the inside.
It starts with a postcard of Hermann Göring and two cards showing the Munich barracks of SS-Standarte "Deutschland". The following photos date back to 9.11.1940 with the swearing-in ceremony of the album's owner in Prague, Czech Republic. The photo is "Der Augenblick der Vereidigung" subtitled to the back. The next photos are taking during the swearing-in in Munich on 30.1.41. The photos are "Fotos SS Westland Felinga" stamped. It is also subtitled. All photos might come with additional information on the back but we have not checked all of them.
More photos taking in Prague and Munich are following. Two show Reichsführer-SS visiting the barracks in Munich. 
The next 12 photos are taken during the funeral of Oberst Griebel in Munich and show Hitler, Himmler and a lot more high raking Nazis.
More photos of training and maneuver are following. Also photos of Himmler and high raking SS leader.
Good condition 2. 
90 photographs and three cards in total.
Size: 27cm + 19,5cm
The black album itself is "HESSE & BECKER" maker marked to the rear. It comes with the original white silk cord.

(Fotoalbum eines Angehrigen der SS-Standarte "Deutschland")

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