1st casualty of WW2 - Grouping to Obstl. Domizlaff

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Document grouping to Oberstleutnant Ottomar Domizlaff, a World War I and World War II veteran known to be the first casualty of World War II.
The grouping contains a very interesting promotion document with original ink signatures of both Adolf Hitler and Werner von Blomberg. The ink signature of Hitler shows pencil strokes below it. While it is definitely period time it is possible that it was done by a secretary. The 1.10.1936 dated document promotes Domizlaff to an Major. Not folded. Very good condition.
Another Hauptmann promotion document originally signed by Werner von Blomberg. Not folded. Two holes.
One Oberleutnant promotion "Auszug" document.
Certificate to the Iron Cross 1st Class issued to Domizlaff on 9.12.1940 serving with Inf.Rgt.22. 
Nice "Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz 2. Klasse" certificate issued on 2.5.1940. Certificate to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class of the Heer Long Service Award. Very rare to see that issued as one single document.
Certificate to the Hindenburg Cross as well as other document including his "Truppen-Ausweis" showing an original photo of Domizlaff.
The highlight of the grouping certainly is his 17.7.1940 issued certificate to the Wound Badge in silver. It mentions that he was injured on 1.9.1939, the day World War II has started.
Details on this casualty are known and can be researched. Please see this discussion of the grouping proving more information. Click here. A lot of research on this special grouping can be found here: The first german casualty of World War 2 – The case of Oberstleutnant Domizlaff

(Urkundengruppe des Oberstleutnant Domizlaff)

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