Fighter pilot Blaesing - documents and medals

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Auction ended: May 1, 2016
"Reichsverteidigung" grouping to Jagdflieger Werner Blaesing. Blaesing was a young DLV member, joined the NSFK and finally became a pilot! He was shot down on 24.4.1944 at 1pm near Lorsch (Mannheim) serving with 3./Jagdgeschwader 101.
Blaesing shot down 4 US bombers. He had to come of of his aircraft once (23.3.1943). See other lots of Blaesing.
Everything you see was kept in a custom made wooden case which is also part of this auction. The content of this grouping is everything the family had referring to their son. All documents, photos and also his military belongings. 
This grouping is not only special for its quantity of items but also for very rare letters he sent to his family in 1943/44 where he describes his first attacks. His handwriting is easy to read. He describes many interesting military scenes. He had his "Feuertaufe" on 8.3.1943 when shooting down his first US bomber for example. He describes that his Gruppenkommandeur was awarded the Knight's Cross. He describes missions, etc... A very rare and interesting collection of letters!
A mint "3" maker marked 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with several spare ribbons. Two pair of collar tabs. His pair of Leutnant tabs are still packed and brand new! He bought them before being award. One pair of Kriegsschule boards.
His late war Pilot's Badge by Brüder Schneider Wien. BSW maker marked. Period time repaired to the hinge. Good condition 2. His enameled Glider Badge. Numbered. Nice condition. 
Certificate to the 1939 Iron Cross including a letter that the document was sent home to his father after his death.
Certificate to the Lufwaffe Pilot's Badge. 11.8.1943 dated.
NSFK Werkstattdienstbuch, nice DLV "Flugbuch für Segelflieger" with original applied photo in HJ uniform.
Many documents relating his death including a funeral eulogy. The body of Blaesing was actually brought home and buried in the cemetery of his hometown. There are about 80 photos of his funeral. Many showing a pillow with exactly the badges being part of this grouping! 
There are death cards and notices as well as letters of condolence.
A nice collection of portrait photos of him wearing the Pilot's Badge and his Borddolch!
Roughly 225 photos in total.
Many Feldpost letters. All collected in envelopes with information about their date and were he sent them from. Many postcards!

(Konvolut des Jagdfliegers in der Reichsverteidigung Werner Blaesing)

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