HJ Bannfüher (579) - Personal uniform

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Auction ended: May 1, 2016
This item belonged to the Bannführer of Bann 579 (Hallein, Austria). According to the consignor his grouping was sold by the family to an antique store and was never available before. Please see other lots to the same Bannführer. 
Brown HJ shirt inner good condition. Scarce Bannführer shoulder boards with pink piping. Metal rank insignia. Hand-attached to the shirt. Machine-attached SÜDOST SALZBURG area triangle badge. Hand-attached HJ armband and motor HJ qualification badge.  Black HJ leader's lanyard with a metal whistle. Size M.
Black HJ cravat with brown leather knot.
Nicely worn black cord breeches. Black cotton lining. No stamps or an RZM tag but most definitely for an HJ leader and not a standard NSKK, DAF, DRB breeches.
Construction with belt and buckle. Very nice condition.
Waist: 76cm. Length: 91cm.
Soft leather shoulder belt. OLC marked clipper. It looks to be "Fenninger Josef" named. 

(Nachlass HJ-Bannführer (579 Hallein) - persönliche Uniform)

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