Pz.Gren.Rgt.5 parade tunic to KC winner Jasiek

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Auction ended: May 1, 2016
Extremely rare Heer Panzerrenadier parade tunic. Not only rare for its "wiesengrün" piping but also for its owner, Franz Jasiek.
Feldwebel Franz Jasiek served as a platoon leader of 5./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 5 when being awarded the Knight's Cross on 22.4.1943. Jasiek was born in 1915 and died in Regensburg on 30.9.1982.
The Panzergrenadier branch with its wiesengrün piping was not established before 1943 which is why parade uniforms have rarely ever been tailored at this time of the war. 
Fine green piped Feldwebel boards with No.5 cyphers. Collar with green piping. 
Period time attached Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon to the collar. To one side with a button. To the other side via a catch. Heavy signs of wear. The Knight's Cross caused a rip to the ribbon due to its weight.
The collar tabs are more police ones than Panzergrenadier and you can see previous stitches. Why the have been replaced we can't say. But the thread looks absolutely period time and the tunic was never in collectors hands.
Three pair of loops for awards as well as two loops for a Close Combat Clasp. Clear signs of wear. Field bar for East Medal and Sudetenland Medal with bar Prager Burg still attached. Period time attached Iron Cross ribbon through the button hole.
Silk liner. No tailor's or name tag.
The breast eagle was removed. We found it together with a postwar 1967 dated veteran's association name tag inside one of the rear pockets. Please see very last pictures. The eagle matching the shadow on the tunic. It was attached through the liner once.
This tunic was sold to a local antique shop by the family of Franz Jasiek and was never in collectors hands.
Size M. Only a hand full of small moth holes.
Condition 2.
We can offer three denazified badges to Franz Jasiek to the winner: Iron Cross 1st Class, Close Combat Clasp in silver, Wound Badge in silver.

(Heer/Panzergrenadiere - persönlicher Waffenrock des Ritterkreuzträgers Franz Jasiek)

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