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Very comprehensive document grouping to SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Lörner coming from his widow originally. 
NSDAP number 2541670. SS number 94275.
The grouping contains interesting signatures of high ranking SS leaders. Lörner started as a young SS-Sturmmann and was promoted up to an SS-Hauptsturmführer during the war. Lörner was born on 28.3.1915 and committed suicide on 7.5.1945 or 8.5.1945 to avoid Russian captivity.
Lörner started as a policeman with the "Bayerischen Landespolizei. He served as a member of I./68.Standarte and with SS-Standarte "Deutschland". He joined the NSDP in 1933 serving with SS-Standarte "Deutschland" and served with SS-Division "Das Reich" during WW2.
The grouping contains all documents you can think of.  Starting with his NSDAP membership card and his very first serving contract "Dienstvertrag" and his "Verpflichtungsschein". A document on his "Austritt aus einer Religionsgemeinschaft", promotion documents, award documents and a lot more!
Award documents:
- Certificate to the Austria Medal
- Certificate to the Sudetenland Medal
- Certificate to the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords (original ink signature of SS-Gruppenführer Paul Hausser)
- Certificate to the Wound Badge in black (3./Werkstattkopanie SS-Division "Das Reich". Signed by the the Kommandeur auf "Nachschubführer").
- Certificate to the Iron Cross 2nd Class. "SS-Division "Reich" stamped. Signed by SS-Brigadeführer Matthias Kleinheisterkamp)
- Certificate to the East Medal. Kdr.SS-Div.Nachschub-Tr.2" stamped
I believe the documents are complete. 
Promotion documents:
- SS-Sturmmann (signed by SS-Sturmbannführer Nikolaus Strobel)
- SS-Rottenführer
- SS-Unterscharführer
- SS-Scharführer (signed by SS-Standartenführer Felix Steiner)
- SS-Hauptscharführer
- SS-Untersturmführer (several documents)
- SS-Obersturmführer and "technischer Führer" (several documents)
- SS-Hauptsturmführer
Including several promotion related documents as well as his general promotion document to a SS-Führer.
- SS Bestandsbuch
- green SS Leistungsbuch with period time applied photograph
- Ancestry booklet
- Red Cross document confirming Lörner died on 7.5.1945 sent to his wife
- Red Cross document confirming Lörner committed suicide on 8.5.1945 to avoid Russian captivity
- R.u.S.-Fragebogen, 3 x SS-Ahnentafel, 2 x SS-Ergesundheitsbogen
- Several by "Der Reichsführer SS" and RSHA wedding documents
Furthermore a lot of private document and papers pre 1945.
A extremely rare grouping with a lot room for research!

(Waffen-SS - Urkundengruppe SS-Hauptsturmführer Lörner)

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