Heer M40 single decal camo helmet - NS66

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Auction ended: July 3, 2016
Very rare Heer M40 camo helmet with a single decal. NS66 marked and D166 lot numbered shell. Complete with a nice 58 size stamped and "OG" named lining. Chin straps 1942 dated and unreadable maker marked. Slightly dry.
100% original sprayed 2-color camo paint. South front. The decal is still underneath and most probably 100%.
The original camo covers about 95% of the shell. Signs of wear.
The rivets are a little moving but might be the original one to the shell and liner.
A very nice helmet in good condition 2. A very unusual camo design which makes this helmet very special!
intern ratisbon's code: xx9

(Heer - Stahlhelm M40 mit Tarnanstrich)

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