NSDAP "Blood Order" 1st pattern grouping

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Auction ended: July 3, 2016
Important NSDAP "Blood Order" grouping to Karl Heuberger serving with 5./SA-Regiment München participating the "Hitler-Putsch" in 1923. Available for the first time.
1st pattern "Blood Order" manufactured by Fuess, München. "567" numbered. "990" silver stamped. "JOS.FUESS MÜNCHEN" maker marked. On a 17cm long original ribbon.
Very nice condition. Slightly worn. Original finish remaining.
NSDAP 2-medal bar with a NSDAP Long Service Award in bronze and silver.
Fine silver cross with no damage to the blue enamel.
Matching set of NSDAP Party Badge in gold. Both "33022" numbered. 
Large type in excellent condition. Certainly not worn a lot. "Ges.Gesch." marked.
Small type with serious signs of wear. Slightly chipped. Unmarked. 
Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1933 tinny. Tombak. Original attached pin.
Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1929 plaque. Tombak. Bronzed. Hoffstätter, Bonn maker marked. Height: 8cm.
Interesting Hitler-Putsch commemorative coin/plaque. "9.November 1923-1933" to the front. "UND IHR HABT DOCH GESIEGT" to the reverse. Deschler München maker marked.
Diameter: 36mm. Bronze.
1932 Reichstagswahl election's coin. Bronze. 36mm.
Two small pins, a 40 years Faithful Service Decoration, an Austria Medal as well as a East Medal (probably to a family member).
His wool SA armband. Ripped silk white circle. Separately attached black swastika. Slightly moth damaged.
His SA buckle. Brass. Nice patina.
A scarce grouping which was never available on the market before!  The grouping was part of a very old collection. The collector died about 30 years ago and was a WW2 veteran himself. He knew most of the recipients he collected memorabilia of. The family is still clearing the collection. There might be a chance documents and cases turn up however we can not promise.
A very rare grouping of historical importance.

(NSDAP - Auszeichnungsgruppe zum Blutorden 1. Modell)

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