NSDAP Golden Party Badge to Karl Sandrock (mayor of Berchtesgarden)

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Auction ended: July 3, 2016
NSDAP Golden Party Badge and original award document to Karl Sandrock, mayor of Berchtesgaden from 1940-45. Hitler's Berghof at the Obersalzberg belonged to Berchtesgaden. His stuff at the Obersalzberg and most probably Hitler himself would have been in regular contact during these five years.
Large type NSDAP Golden Party Badge. "Deschler & Sohn München 9" maker marked and "GES.GESCH." stamped. "48199" numbered. Slightly chipped to the enameled front. 
Matching award card issued to "Herrn Karl Sandrock" living at "Berchtesgaden, Rathausplatz 178". Issued on 20.1.1934. Ink signature of Reichsschatzmeister Schwarz.
Not folded. Good condition 2.
NSDAP member Karl Sandrock was Major of Berchtesgaden from 1940 until 7.5.1945. Sandrock agreed in cooperation with Landrat Karl Theodor Jacobto hand over Berchtesgaden to the US forces without a fight. The surrender of the area was complete on 4.5.1945 when groups of the 3rd Infantry Division Hitler's Berghof at the Obersalzberg.
A rare NSDAP Golden Party Badge of historical importance.

(Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP mit Urkunde aus dem Nachlass von Karl Sandrock (ehemaliger Brgermeister von Berchtesgaden))

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