Carin Göring - signed letter (1924)

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Important original letter sent from Hermann Göring's first wife, Carin Göring (21.10.1888 - 17.10.1931), staying at the Grand Hotel Britannia in Venedig. 23.10.1924 dated.
Sent to "Liebe, liebe Fanny and Erna!" Signed with pencil to the reverse. She added a personal note "Auch an Deine Mutter, alles Gutes von uns beide. Uramung von Carin."
She mentions her husband "Hermann" a few times and reports that they are now selling their personal "kleine Villa" (located in Munich).
Not entirely correct German language. Typical for Carin Göring, born in Sweden.
DIN A4. Modern tape. Folded twice. Condition 2-
Göring had a special connection with the Grand Hotel Britannia. The owner, Rudolfo Walther, fought on German side during WW1 which obviously caused problems after the war running a hotel in Italy. He was supported by Göring and became a NSDAP member. Walther invited Göring to use the hotel at any time to express his gratitude.

(Carin Göring - Wichtiger handsignierter Brief von 1924)

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