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Auction ended: September 25, 2016
Soldbuch to Oberleutnant M.A. Herwig Geber with original applied photograph issued in Mai 1941. Geber was commander of Küst.Art.Untergruppe "Michaelsturm" which belonged to Marineartillerieabteilung 530.
Geber was awarded the 1939 Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class, the Coastal Artillery War Badge and the Kurland cuffband (20.4.1945). See list of his awards on page 4. 
A rare name list of all soldiers serving with Küst.Art.Untergruppe "Michaelsturm" of Mar.Art.Abt.530.
His unit was serving in the Baltic States.
All pages complete. Good condition 2.
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(Kriegsmarine - Soldbuch mit eingetragenem Ärmelband "Kurland")

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