Heer tropical Y-straps/A-frame & buckle set

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Auction ended: September 25, 2016

Very nice an rare set for a tropical Heer soldier containing tropical Y-straps, the A-frame and his belt and buckle.

Textbook Y-straps made from khaki webbing material. "Kritzler K.G. Rebbelroth" maker marked. Dated 1941 and "F.K" named. Catch "D&O" maker marked.

A-frame also made from khaki webbing material with leather straps. Still soft. Both straps to fix the assault bag "HRUBY & Co HACHENBURG" maker marked and 1940 dated. Horizontal strap "R.B. No 0/1001/0130" stamped. A-frame maker marked however unreadable.

Tropical painted steel EM/NCO buckle with webbing belt and original attached webbing loop. Leather tab "C.W. MOTZ & Co." maker marked and 1941 dated. Named (but its hard to read). Belt length: 84cm.

A stunning set! Hard to find!

Nice condition 2.  


(Afrikakorps/Heer - Y-Riemen in Tropenausfhrung)

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