Pz-Rgt. "Brandenburg" Soldbuch to Gefr.Sender

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Auction ended: September 25, 2016
Soldbuch to Panzer gunner Gefreiter Kurt Sender serving with 1./Panzer-Regiment 26 and Panzer-Regiment Brandenburg. Issued on 15.9.1943. Original photo was taken out. The Soldbuch comes with a portrait photo showing him in black Panzer wrapper.
Very late April 1945 entries. Sender was awarded the Tank Assault Badge in silver on 25.9.44 ("Pz.Kpf.Abz.Silb. I.Stufe") and the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 31.12.1944.
An extra photo and a confirmation of his Gefreiter promotion. 
All pages complete. Good condition 2.
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(Pz-Rgt. "Brandenburg" Soldbuch des Gefr.Sender)

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