Baldur v. Schirach - Reichsleiter armband

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
Extremely rare NSDAP armband for a Reichsleiter.
Large size machine-woven oak leaves to the bottom and top. Yellow piping. Ripped white silk circle with a black swastika from ripped silk. Gold cord bordering. Original RZM paper tag to the inside.
According to our consignor, this armband belonged to Baldur von Schirach. It was found in a a rubbish bin after von Schirach left Vienna in 1945. The finder young removed it from the tunic which he did not bother to take. Other items were found as the single unworn collar tab (see next lot). It was then purchased by a Austrian antique dealer and ended up in a Austrian collection where it remained for decades. The finder and the antique dealer have both passed away some time ago so we have no chance to proof this information.
We offer it as a standard Reichsleiter armband.

(Baldur v. Schirach - Reichsleiter Armbinde)

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