Ernst Schmidt - personal grouping of Hitler's WW1 comrade

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Personal grouping of Adolf Hitler's WW1 comrade Erich Schmidt containing his medals, badges, documents, photos and the most important piece of formal silver presentation frame given by Adolf Hitler.
WW1 period time Militärpaß
The most important piece of history of this grouping. Not only interesting since it belonged to a WW1 comrade of Adolf Hilter, but also for the fact that most of the entries and notes on battles, campaigns and dates can be considered as nearly identical to notes and entries inside Adolf Hitler's personal Militärpaß. Both have served with the same company.
Ernst Schmidt has joined 8.Kompanie / Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 16 on 7. September 1914, exactly six days after Adolf Hitler joined this regiment. Both might not have known each other at this time since Hitler served with 1st company, however there are sources stating that both have met before their time in the army in Munich.
Schmidt was sent to 5th company on 15. November 1916 and to 1st company, where he must have finally met Adolf Hitler, on 2. December 1916. This is contrary to most of the known stories speaking that Schmidt and Hitler served in the same company from the first day. 
Schmidt was promoted an Gefreiter on 7. April 1916 and awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, the Silver Merit Medal of Fürstentum Reuß, the Bavarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with swords, the Iron Cross 1st Class and the Wound Badge in black (see page 3 and 11).
The Wehrpaß comes with a long list of the battles Schmidt fought in from 29. October 1914 until 5. October 1918. This list must have been identical to Hitler's list of battles. 
Schmidt has joined 7. Ersatzkompanie/2. Infanterie-Regiment on 28. November 1918, just seven days later than Adolf Hitler. Both have again served with the same company. 
His Militärpaß was continued to use until 1919 when Schmidt served with  2.Demob.Kompanie of 2. Bayer. Infanterie-Regiment. The latest entries date back to April 1919.
A very important piece of history providing a lot more room for additinal research.
Militärpaß complete with all pages. Condition 2.
Third Reich period time Wehrpaß
Personal Wehrpaß issued to Schmidt on 21. October 1943 in Traunstein. Erst Schmidt, born in the same year as Adolf Hitler (1889), would have not called up for active service due to his age, however he was registered at this time.
The Wehrpaß comes with an original attached photograph of Schmidt and his personal signature underneath. While the Wehrpaß remained mainly empty it mentions his active service during WW1 on page 12: "14 19 (1914-1919) bei Infant."
Late war entry dating 6. February 1945.
Condition 2.
Award documents
Certificate to the Bavarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with swords. Issued to Gefreiter Ernst Schmidt on 29.9.1917. It does not tell his exact unit but "von einem Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment".
21,5cm x 16,5cm. Folded twice.
Certificate to the "Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer" (so-called Hindenburg Cross) issued to "Malermeister Ernst Schmidt" on 23.11.1934 for serving in WW1. 21,5cm x 15cm. Folded once.
Awards & badges
- 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class with original ribbon. "N" or "Z" maker marked. Rust. Condition 2-3.
- Bavarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with swords. Unmarked. Patina. Condition 2.
- Wound Badge in black. Well worn. Condition 2.
- "Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer" (so-called Hindenburg Cross). G7 maker marked. Rust to the ring. Condition 2.
Formal silver presentation frame given by Adolf Hitler
The formal silver presentation frame was given by Adolf Hitler to person he wanted to honor. Ernst Schmidt was one of them. Originally, an impressive silver frame showing a signed photo of Adolf Hitler, only the bottom piece of the frame is left. Schmidt has cut it off, bent it and used it as a table decoration.
The national eagle with Hitler's initials is still intact. Furthermore you can see the typical ornament bordering. 
Size: 18cm x 4,6cm. Weight: 69,7gr.
Two original propaganda postcards showing Adolf Hitler. 9cm x 13cm and 10,5cm x 14,5cm.
Four original photographes by Heinrich Hoffmann documenting a meeting of Hitler with his WW1 comrades. You can see Erich Schmidt on two of the photos. 13,5cm x 18cm.
A large size photocopy (dated "Aug.92") of a personal postcard sent from Adolf Hitler to Ernst Schmitt during WW1 when both were on holiday.
Sent from 
Absend. Gefr. A. Hitler
Bayr. Res.I.Rgt.16
Z. Zeit beurlaubt Berlin
Adressed to 
Ernst Schmidt
Size of the copy: 24cm + 18cm

(Ernst Schmidt -Persnlicher Nachlass von Hitlers Weltkriegskameraden )

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