Interesting Heer officer's sidecap with Schwedter eagle

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
Interesting Heer officer's sidecar with a aluminum oak leave badge attached to the side and a "Schwedter Adler" attached to the front. Signs of a previously attached cap eagle which was taken off.
The "Schwedter eagle" was used by Kavallerie-Regiment 6 for example. The oak leave badge was probably attached when he changed unit. It might also indicate a certain unit and was used as a traditional badge. It was attached by hand and certainly looks period time attached to me! The badge itself looks field-crafted which does make since.
The cap itself is well worn and sun bleached. It is a very quite unusual late-war example privately tailored. Silk lining. 
Small size: 54. No moth damage.

(Heer Interessantes Schiffchen fr Offiziere mit Schwedter Adler )

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