Kriegsmarine M35 camo helmet - ET62

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
A rare Kriegsmarine M35 helmet with camo paint and wire period time added. 
This helmet was originally issued with two decals. The eagle decals can still be seen. The black-white-red decal was period time overpainted with fieldgrey paint when the helmet was repainted during war. They added brown and green color spots to camo it later one. 
Original attached leather liner. Still soft. The size might be 56. ET62 stamped shell. Lot numbered. The name was written to the inside. 
Wire from iron metal and aluminum have been added as well as threads to add camo material.
Certainly a very very interesting helmet which has been extensively worn during many years of war!
Good condition. Unique!

(Kriegsmarine M35 Tarnhelm - ET62 )

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