NS-Soldatenbund uniform grouping - Süd (Hochland)

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
A very NS-Soldatenbund uniform grouping. While the caps do turn up regularly, we never had a tunic before! Most of them would have been carried on wearing after the war and also can hardly be detected by collectors once the insignia are taken off. This set came straight out of a household clearance and was ever part of a collection before.
Excellent black uniform without any damage. Period time attached higher rank armband and leader's cuff title "Süd (Hochland)". Correct aluminum breast eagle. Size M-L. Condition 2.
Untouched visor cap with original applied aluminium insignia. A period time newspaper underneath the black sweat-band. Sweat-band dry. Black cotton lining with signs of wear.
No moth damage! Never cleaned. Condition 2.
Size 58/59.

(NS-Soldatenbund Uniformjacke und Schirmmütze - Süd (Hochland))

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