U-1061 grouping to Msch.Ob.Gefr. Schlickwei

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Auction ended: November 27, 2016
Grouping to U-Boot Machinenobergefreiter Karl Schlickwei serving with U-1061 which was the only boat type VII F which was until the end of WW2.
Rare Soldbuch with matching dog tag named to "Karl Schlickwei".
Issued in November 1941. Original applied photograph. Awards on page 4: U-Boot War Badge (27.6.1944), U-Boot Front Clasp (8.5.1945). This page is loose. "U-1061" note on page 26. A "5.U-Flott." note on page 33. Furthermore a "Urlaubskarte". Page 37 loose. All pages complete. Used.
Excellent certificate to the U-Boot War Badge. DIN A4 size. 28.6.1944 issued. Signed by the "Führer der Unterseeboote Norwegen" Fregattenkapitän Reinhold Suhren (U-Boot ace. Awarded the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords).
One sleeve rank badge. Two portrait photos of him in Kriegsmarine uniform as well as four postwar portrait in later years.
43 original photos. Most 6cm + 9cm. Furthermore original Feldpost postcards, documents and other personal items. His private small size compass.
Also a lot of postwar U-Boot veteran documents which are a great source of research! A postwar wall plate.

(U-1061 Nachlass Msch.Ob.Gefr. Schlickwei)

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