Austrian M17 mimikry camo helmet

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A stunning Austrian WW1 period time camo helmet. M17 pattern with original liner and chin strap. 
The 3-color "mimikry" paint is in very good condition. Great patina! A stunning helmet with a lot of character!
One flap missing to the 3-part liner. Inner metal ring with original attached rivets. A square ink stamp to the shell (hard to read). The other side shows the name of the soldier written to the shell.
A period time applied paper or tape to once side. This is a very special "sticky" tape available for soldiers at this time. Pencil writing. "1917-1918" as well as some words which are hard to read. This was writing by an US soldier who shipped this helmet home after 1918! 
Four white bars to the other side which seam to be the remains of other tapes the US GI put on the helmet. It probably showed his address.
A very very rare veteran bring back! An important and unique piece of history!

(sterreich Stahlhelm M17 Mimikry Tarnung)

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