Brothers serving with LSSAH - photo grouping

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Auction ended: March 12, 2017
A stunning large size photograph of two brothers named Holländer (last name) in their Allgemeine-SS uniform. Both served with Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Very detailed photograph in good condition on original cardboard backing. Size: 56cm x 46cm.

It comes with a portrait photo of one of the brothers (the left one) wearing a black Allgemein-SS helmet with two decals. Water damaged. Size: 28cm x 38cm (with backing).
Both Holländer brothers served in the same Kompanie as Jochen Peiper. They are mentioned in one of the books on Peiper. At least one was awarded the SS Honor Ring which was sold not too long ago including more documents and other items.

(Fotokonvolut zweier Brüder LSSAH)

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