Knight's Cross recipient Hptm. Kramer uniform grouping

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Auction ended: March 11, 2017
Important uniform grouping to Knight's Cross recipient Hauptmann Rudolf Kramer. He was awarded the Knight's Cross on 18.3.1945 serving as Staffelkapitän / Kampgeschwader 26 which was operating in Norway at this time!
This uniform grouping was never available on the market before!
The grouping consists of his personal Luftwaffe tunic, his visor cap and the trousers. Part of the grouping is an original portrait photo taken in March/April 1945 which shows exactly the visor cap and tunic offered here! This can be proven by many details comparing the cap and uniform with the photo.  An unquestionable real uniform grouping to a Knight's Cross winner!
Please see next lot for his summer visor cap!
Hauptmann Rudolf Kramer was born on 4.5.1916 and died on 12.2.1999.
Very nice four pocket tunic with an original attached high level glider pilot's badge "silver class" which can be seen on the portrait photo. A "Kramer" name tag to the inner pocket. Fine silk lining with a hanger for the officer's dagger. Collar tabs and breast eagle attached by hand. You can see traces of a previously attached breast eagle. Probably an officer's type. He must have changed it for this eagle for fashion reason! It is actually a very interesting typ we have not had before! It is exactly exactly (!) the eagle shown on the portrait photo! 
An impressive amount of award loops to this tunic!
Three pair of loops to his left breast pocket for his Pilot's Badge, Iron Cross 1st Class and Wound Badge in silver. Two more pair of loops for a ribbon bar and his Squadron Clasp for Kampfflieger with hanger.
One pair of loops to the right breast pocket for his German Cross in gold. You can study all his awards looking at his photograph.
There is minor mothing to the shoulder boards and one small hole to one collar tab. No other moth damage to the rest of the tunic.
Condition 2.
Size M.
Matching blue straight trousers with all buttons complete and its zipper (!) working. Very nice condition! We found 1 small moth hole only. 
Waist: 76cm. Length: 110cm.
Luftwaffe blue officer's visor cap. The visor cap comes with original attached hand-embroidered insignia. Insignia, chin strap and officer's cord come without any corrosion and are actually very nice! There are no moth holes either. It is a shame the sweat-band is quite dry. Part of the seam have opened. The cap is a little out of shape but still very nice.
It is exactly the one shown on the photograph. Looking at the officer's cord above the eagle proofs it the easiest way.
Size 58.
A extremely rare if not a once in a lifetime chance to purchase a Knight's Cross recipients uniform grouping with a 1945 photo proof!
See next lot for his summer visor cap.

(Uniformensemble des Ritterkreuztrgers Hptm. Rudolf Kramer)

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