Kriegsmarine officer's dagger with damascus blade to Wilhelm v. Borries

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Extremely rare Kriegsmarine officer's presentation dagger to Leutnant zur See Wilhelm von Borries. This excellent piece of history was given by an officer named Seydlitz to Wilhelm von Lorries to commemorate the campaigns of Yarmouth, Scarborough and Whitby during WW1. These tree British harbours were attacked by his unit from 1914 until 1916. 
The dagger comes with a real ivory handle and a damascus blade with etched dedication. The letters are gilt:
"Seydlitz s/l. v. Borrie
zur Erinnerung an Yarmouth, Scarborough und Whitby"
The blade shows minor bits of corrosion. It is maker marked with the logo of WKC.
The white ivory handle shows typical think stress cracks which is absolutely normal. No chips or damage. The portepee is period time attached.B
Brass luxury scabbard. Hammered. Oak leave ornaments.
Good condition 2. Unique.
Including a lot of documents and material of research on von Borries and his campaigns.
Recipient of the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class von Borries was born in Santiago (Chile) on 30.5.1894. He served with SMS "von der Tann" during WW1. His ship was involved in the campaigns again Scarborough, Whitby, Yarmouth and Skagerrak. He became part of an U-Boot Jagd unit from summer 1918. He later was promoted an Oberleutnant zur See after WW1. He fought with a Freikorps in the Kurland area. We have no information on his service time during the Third Reich.

(Kriegsmarine Offiziersdolch mit Damastklinge Wilhelm v. Borries )

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