Luftwaffe "Hermann Göring" division flight tunic

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Auction ended: March 11, 2017
A mint Hermann Göring division Luftwaffe flight blouse for an Oberfeldwebel. A textbook example with no signs of wear in excellent condition 1.
Original attached insignia allover. Machine-attached (zickzack) breast eagle 2nd pattern. Machine-attached silk (!) collar tabs for a Feldwebel. Matching tress around the collar. Nice slip-on shoulder boards with wide tress. White piping. Very nice condition!
Machine-stiched EM cufftitle "HERMANN GÖRING" hand-attached. Again, 100% period time. The ends of the sleeves were put through to the inside.
Fine silk lining in excellent condition. Rb-number stamped, size stamped and "LBA 43" dated.
Including the original belt hooks.
Size M.
Excellent condition 1.
Impossible to upgrade! The best "HG" tunic we have had since years!

(Luftwaffe "Hermann Göring" Division Feldbluse)

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