NSKK Motorsturm 157 uniform grouping to F.Weis

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Auction ended: March 11, 2017
Untouched uniform grouping to NSKK member Franz Weis, a constructer from Straßburg born on 3.10.1904. He has joined the NSKK Motorsturm 157 on 12.12.1940. Part of the grouping is his original ID with photograph telling you these details.
Beautiful black NSKK sidecap with an orange color cap eagle period time attached by hand. Nice brown cotton liner. Original attached RZM "Feldmütze" tag. Size 56. No moth damage. Very nice condition 2+.
Untouched NSKK 4 pocket tunic with original attached RZM cloth tag "Feldbluse NSKK". Original attached insignia. Collar tabs, drivers badge and sleeve eagle are attached by machine. Metal cyphers "13/M157" attached. Nice orange piped shoulder board. "54" size stamped.
Size M. Condition 2+.
Soft black leather belt. RZM  M5/75 marked to the buckle and RZM L/2/442/39 marked to the belt. 115cm long. Nice condition. 
Nice black NSKK breeches with original machine attached "Stiefelhose" RZM cloth tag. All buttons and straps in place.
No moth damage. Nice condition 2.
Waist: 90cm 
Length: 100cm
Fine black leather boots. Size stamped inside. If you look closely you can even see a small RZM stamp.
Soft leather. No damage.
Height: 42cm.
Sole length: 29,5cm
A stunning grouping in really nice condition!

(NSKK Motorsturm 157 Uniformensemble F.Weis)

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