U-170 grouping to Kmt. Olt. Gerold Hauber

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Important grouping to Oberleutnant z.S. Hans-Gerold Hauber serving as commander of U-170 from July 1944 until May 1945.

Hauber was born in Stuttgart on 8.7.1913 and has joined the Reichsmarine in 1934. He served as a Wachoffizier with 14.Minensuch-Flottille, 6.Vorposten-Flottille and as commander of a ship of 14.Vorposten-Flotille until November 1942. He was trained to become an U-Boot officer from March until November 1943 when he became I.WO on U-170 which had four front missions in total.
He became commander of U-170 from July 1943 and surrendered on 2.7.1945. He was released in May 1947 and died on 25.9.1997 in an accident with 83 years of age.
A wide range of information are available on U-170 and its front missions such as its 4th mission commanded by Hauber:
On 30.10.1944, U-170 reported an attack on a convoy escorted by destroyers. It fired a T5 torpedo on one of the destroyers. Shortly after, the boat was discovered and hunted by several destroyers which managed to damage U-170 badly.
Water entered quickly and the boat started to sink. All men on board thought the end of their lives had come as the boat kept sinking deeper. After reaching 270 meters (the maximum depth known for the boat to survive was 200 meters), the 1st engineer however managed to stop the boat from sinking. After several repairs the crew managed to raise the boat to the surface and escape from the scene. The 1st engineer was later awarded the German Cross in Gold for saving the boat and its crew.

Fine privately purchased service tunic tailored by "E. Breuninger A.G, Stuttgart" which must have been the tailor of his choice since he was from his home town Stuttgart. A tailor's label is attached to the black silk lining. Furthermore there is a 20.11.1942 dated name tag to the inner pocket. That means the tunic was tailored when he was still a Leutnant zur See. However, it has been carried on being worn until at least 1944 when he became a Oberleutnant zur See and was awarded the U-Boot Front Clasp (December 1944). You can see that tow pair of additional loops were attached for a ribbon bar and the U-Boot Clasp while there one one pair of loops first for the ribbon bar only. The pair of loops is still there but was not used anymore.
Furthermore there are three pair of loops for his Iron Cross 1st Class, the Minesweeper War Badge and the U-Boot War Badge which was awarded to him.
All buttons and insignia are complete and original attached.
There is no mothing or any other damage. Nice condition 2.
Size M or a little large. Hauber must have been around 1,80m tall.
The strait trousers are absolutely matching the tunic. While there don't come with a tailor's or name tag they have "E. Breuninger A.G, Stuttgart" marked buttons which additionally proofs this was made by his personal tailor.
No damage. Nice condition 2+
Waist: 92cm
Length: 110cm
Dark blue officer's visor cap made by "Paul Märcker, Wesermünde-Mitte". Maker marked to the celluloid diamond machine-attached  to the silk lining. Fine, hand-stiched officer's cap eagle and wreath. Both period time attached by hand and with the same sort of patina. Eagle and wreath are absolutely matching to this cap.
Hand-stiched gold bullion bordering to the top of the cloth finish visor. Pattern for ranks from Leutnant to  Hauptmann. Correct Kriegsmarine buttons holding the chin strap.
Untouched visor cap. Minor nothing to the visor and top of the cap.
Nice condition 2-.
Size 59.
Kriegsmarine officer's brocade belt with buckle. The buckle looks to be made from brass. Full original gilding. "90" written to the reverse which indicated the length. The length does vary since the belt is extendable. It is actually 100cm or longer if you want.
Blue cloth backing with some moth damage. No corrosion to the brocade.
Conditon 2. Nice patina.
Excellent walking out coat tailored by "Heinrich Vogt" in August 1940. Hauber had ordered it when he was based in Flensburg. It comes with a name tag attached to the inner pocket named to "Leutnant H.G. Hauber". 
Fine silk lining. Complete with all original attached buttons with full gilding. Original attached Oberleutnant shoulder boards. Hauber would have added the rank pip when being promoted an Oberleutnant on 1.4.1943.
No moth damage. Very nice condition 2+.
Size M.
Absolutely untouched Kriegsmarine officer's dagger made by WKC. Complete with its original attached officer's portepee which shows a fair amount of patina. White handle without cracks. Brass scabbard with one light dent only. 
Nice dagger in good condition 2!  You can see dagger hangers attached to his coat by the way!
1939 Iron Cross 1st Class. Unmarked but made by Godet, Berlin. Brass core. Nice patina and signs of wear. Zinc U-Boot War Badge with original gliding remaining. L/21 maker marked to the pin. Condition 2-
A post war U-Boot veteran's association pin.
Documents and photos:
Two original portrait photographs. One shows Hauber in his white summer uniform, one coming home of a front mission with long beard. He wears a so-called "U-Boot Päckchen" and a visor he used to wear during service. The visor part of this grouping is his visor for his walking out uniform which must have stayed at home or in his base.
One postwar replica photograph taken on board. It shows Hauber wearing a life-vest.
Personal Kriegsmarine Soldbuch to Hauber which was issued on 6.12.1944 when he served as commander of U-170. It was issued without a photo since there was no photo available as it says to the first page. The Soldbuch was issued by "Kommando/ 33. Unterseebootsflottille and was signed by a Kapitänleutnant. 
One day after this Soldbuch was issued, Hauber was awarded the U-Boot Front Clasp on 7.12.1944. A list of all awards is on page 4:
Sudetenland Medal, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Minesweeper War Badge, Iron Cross 1st Class, U.B.K (U-Bootkriegsabzeichen), U-Boot Front Clasp.
Very late April 1945 entries! Many U-Boot related notes and stamps.
Nice condition 2. Extremely rare to find a commander's Soldbuch!
An extremely rare U-Boot commanders grouping! A once in a lifetime chance!
The grouping originally came of Hauber's widow in 1997. It was Hauber's wish that his grouping was given to a collector after his death. This collector was familiar to him and visited him many times listing to his stories.
Our consignor knows the collector very well. The collector decided to split the grouping after some time and things were sold separately, however, this grouping stayed together. So there are certainly more items on Hauber in collections around the world. 

(U-170 Konvolut Kmt.Olt.Gerold Hauber)

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