DJ leader's document grouping H. Seeliger

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Auction ended: July 9, 2017
Grouping to the leader of DJ Fähnlein 6/1/19 Verwaltungs-Oberjungzugführer Heinz Seeliger. 
DJ Jungbann 1/19 (Görlitz)  leader's ID card as well as the standard membership card. Both with an original attached photo.  Reichsberufswettkampf membership card. Training booklet for the SA Sports Badge. His Kennkarte (removed swastika), a yellow "Einsatzpaß" students ID card with photo, his DAF booklet as well as his Wehrpaß. Finally, a postwar ID card for displaced person.
Several interesting DJ documents: promotions, confirmations, letters of appreciation.
Wehrpaß with several unit information on his military career he started in 1941. Cover denazified.

(HJ Dokumentengruppe eines HJ Führers H.Seeliger)

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