SA "Röhm" Service Dagger - Hammesfahr

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Auction ended: September 23, 2017
SA Service Dagger with original dedication "In herzlicher Kameradschaft Ernst Röhm". This dedication had to be removed by a law after the "night of the long knives" in July 1934. It is extremely rare to find an untouched "Röhm-dagger" like this example.
The dagger comes with overall matching patina and in good condition with signs of use and age. Early bronzed scabbard. No dents. Some light rust. Two screws remained unopened. Fine wooden grip. SA enamel badge with chips. "S" (Schlesien) stamped cross guard. 
Blade with etched motto "Alles für Deutschland" and etched Röhm dedication to the reverse. Furthermore GOTTLIEB HAMMESFAHR maker marked. Signs of age and some staining. 
Condition 2-
Very rare.

(SA "Röhm" Dienstdolch - Hammesfahr)

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