Waffen-SS M44-pattern pea-dot camo trousers

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Auction ended: September 23, 2017
Waffen-SS, M44-pattern pea-dot camo trousers (ie. 'Feldhose M 44 in Erbstarnung für Angehörige der Waffen-SS') as produced in HBT- (ie. 'Drillich'-) material. The piece was never issued nor worn and comes in a virtually mint- ie. unissued condition. All (zinc-based-) buttons are presumably re-sewn and it never had any closing-straps attached to its bottom. The piece has very bright and vivid colours and was never washed nor cleaned. The lining is executed in greenish-brown-coloured (ie. tan-) linnen and the piece shows a clearly present ink-stamped (size-) marking.  Waist: 82 cms. Length: 104 cms.
Condition 1-

(Waffen-SS M44 Hose Erbsentarn)

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