SS-VT M37 field tunic EM/NCO

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Auction ended: November 11, 2017
SS (ie. 'SS-Verfügungstruppen') EM- (ie. NCO-) pattern, M37-model field-tunic ('Feldbluse M37') having its period-sewn arm-eagle attached. The tunic comes in an overall nice (and only moderately used- i.e. worn-), condition. It shows a (standard-pattern-, greyish-silver-coloured- and machine-stitched) arm-eagle (being of the scarcely seen 'hammerhead'-pattern!) period-attached (attached by means of 'zig-zag'-stitching). The tunic has a greyish-coloured-, linnen-based lining and bears a clearly present maker- ie. date (ie. size?) ink-stamp that reads: 'Wilhelm Viohl & Co. - Berlin 11 40 - 35'.  
The tunic retains all its buttons (of which a few might have been period-replaced). The tunic shows the typical 'pleaded' upper-pockets and 'hidden' under-pockets (as were specific for this M37-model field-tunic) and shows the 'twisted' silver- and black striped piping period-attached around its collar. The piece shows 3-holes (for the belt-hook attachment) and shows some wear, age and/or staining (but is void of any damage or alike). The tunic has an approximate waist of 88 cms. and will fit a medium-sized mannequin. 
An early-period SS-VT tunic of great rarity!
Condition: II+
Size: M

(SS-VT M37 Uniformjacke)

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