Third Reich aircraft table decoration

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Auction ended: November 11, 2017
Wehrmacht, commemorative piece (ie. price) depicting an aluminum, fighter-airplane mounted on a resin-based base. The decorative - and bright-silver- ie. alumnium-based - fighter (ie. 'Jagdflugzeug') has an approximate 'wingspan' of 20 cms. (and height of 15 cms.) whereas the resin-based base (ie. 'Sockel') measures 13,8 x 11,5 cms. The piece - which has a moveable propellor - is void of any engraving nor marking and comes firmly affixed on its mounting. It retains a nice age-patina and was never cleaned nor polished. 
Condition: II

(Drittes Reich Flugzeug Schreibtischdekoration)

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