Waffen-SS M40 camo smock - oak-leaf over-print

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Auction ended: November 11, 2017
Waffen-SS camo smock (Model M40 in oak-leave so-called: over-print) as produced in smooth-linnen-based material. The - naturally reversible - piece comes with its original closing-cord. Both flaps (intended to reach the tunic-pockets are present (and are not torn-in). The piece show a printed number '6' (denoting the camouflage-type) on one of its arms. The colours are very vivid and the piece was never cleaned nor washed. All elastics are still flexible and functional. The smock is medium ie. large sized. Mint/unissued condition.
Extremely rare-
The pullover is not part of this offer.

(Waffen-SS M40 Tarnschlupfjacke Eichenlaubtarn)

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