Wehrmacht MP44 magazine pouch

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Auction ended: November 11, 2017
Wehrmacht, MP44 magazine-pouch. The piece is of unquestionable originality and comes as found. The piece - which is constructed from roughly-structured and beige-coloured linnen comes with all its period attached and linnen-based closing-straps in place (each marked 'LUX' and having the 'interwoven' button-holes, something that is a firm indicator of their unmistaken originality). The piece has, moreover, some of its parts constructed from black-coloured- and carton-based 'Ersatz'-material (simulating leather). The pouch is complete and functional but misses its connector strap (used to connect two pouches to each other). The pouch was never cleaned and comes with obvious dirt and/or staining.
Condition: II2

(Wehrmacht MP44 Magazintasche)

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