Gren.Brig.503 Lappland Shield grouping

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Auction ended: December 3, 2017
Interesting late war document grouping to Obergefreiter Artur Kleemann serving with Grenadier-Brigade 503. Kleemann was awarded the Lappland Shield in 1945. Part of the grouping cast aluminum Lappland Shield as well as an interesting award document. It is printed but has the name, unit and "LAPPLAND SHIELD" written by hand. It is signed by the commander of Gren.Brig.503. No date.
Certificate to the East Medal, certificate to the Iron Cross 2nd Class (issued on 28.10.44).  Field issued certificate to the Infantry Assault Badge in silver again signed by the commander of Grenadier-Brigade. 24.12.1944 issued.
Large size Wound Badge in  black certificate issued on 9.8.1944.

(Gren.Brig.503 Lappland Schild Gruppe)

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