Heer General's field tunic - Generalleutnant

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Auction ended: June 9, 2018
Fine Heer 4-pocket service tunic for an Generalleutnant. Textbook shoulder boards and collar tabs. Correct gold color General's buttons all made by Assmann. Excellent hand-embroidered General's breast eagle on dark green backing. Accurately attached by hand.
Loops for a German Cross in gold and a field ribbon bar correctly period time attached. Other award loops are damaged or re-attached. Original loops might have been damaged. 
White silk piping was attached to the collar to make it look like that owner is wearing a white shirt underneath his uniform. A very nice detail.
Tailor's label named to "Fhr.F.v.Broich" by "WILHELM SIEMON" machine-attached to the inner pocket. Fine silk lining. 
A nicely worn tunic in good condition 2. Only a hand-full of really small moth bites. A few small repairs.
Size M. 
According to the name tag worn by Generalleutnant Friedrich von Broich (1896 - 1974). Von Broich, a WWI Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class winner, served as commander of Aufklärungs-Abteilung 34 and Kavallerie-Regiment 21 in late 1939. He was part of the France Campaign with Kav.Rgt.21 and took over command of Kav.Rgt.22 after being promoted an Oberst in September 1940. 
Von Broich commanded Reiter-Regiment 1 (renamed to Schützen-Brigade 24) in Russia where he was awaraded the Knight's Cross on 29.8.1942. In November 1942, "Division von Broich" was established and sent to Afrika. As an Afrikakorps Oberst, he took over the command of 10.Panzer-Division before being promoted a Generalmajor on 15.2.1943. He was captured in May 1943 near Gombalia (Tunisia) and sent to "Trent Park" camp near London as a British POW. 
1. Von Broich was promoted a Generalleutnant after he was captured by the British. Has he attached his rank pips postwar after being released?
2. Extra stiching lines to the collar. The collar tabs are perfectly attached by machine. However, there are extra stiching lines which could mean that there were officer's tabs attached previously. There is actually just one straight line and not one a long line in square shape for tabs. By the time this tunic was tailored von Broich was already promoted a Generalmajor so he would not have ordered this tunic with Oberst insignia.
The tunic is original in all parts but might not have been von by Generalleutnant Freiherr von Broich. It might have been a tunic of a nameless Oberst who was promoted a General later and von Broichs name tag was attached by a collector postwar. Still well worth its money!

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