Heer Panzer wrapper - Unteroffizier

Lot 31-0001
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Auction ended: June 9, 2018
Untouched Heer Panzer troops uniform. A so-called "wrapper" with fully original attached insignia. It comes with three period time "DAF" buttons attached which is a known detail for a tailor based in Vienna, Austria. 
Pink piped Panzer collar tabs originally attached by machine. Zink skulls with all prongs in place.
Machine-woven breast eagle period time attached by hand. Many signs of wear. Slightly torn.
Non-textbook Unteroffizier shoulder boards. Pink piping. Poor quality boards made from various bits of cloth.
Thick cotton grey color lining. No markings. Many signs of wear. Torn armpit reinforcements. 
No moth damage.
Condition 2.
Size M.

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