Heer South Front Artillerie field tunic - Hauptmann

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Auction ended: June 9, 2018
Very fine light weight "South Front" field tunic for an artillery Hauptmann. The tunic comes with 100% original attached insignia. The tunic was definitely issued but probably never worn. It could have stayed in his officer's case without being used. 
The left breast pocket comes with three pair of loops for combat awards. He was most probably decorated with an Iron Cross 1st Class, the General Assault Badge and maybe a Wound Badge. The original Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon is also period time attached.
Original yellow ink depot stamp to the inside which is hard to read: "WISCHELAGO BRESLAU" (?). Furthermore a 1940 dated depot stamp and size markings.
All buttons complete and with full original color.
Late-war machine-woven officer's collar tabs period time attached by hand. Slip-on artillery Hauptmann's boards. Machine-attached officer's breast eagle.
Absolutely untouched tunic in condition 1.
Size M.

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