Waffen-SS M40 Gebirgsjäger tunic - SS-Unterscharführer

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Auction ended: June 9, 2018
Original Wehrmacht Heer M40 tunic with the left top pocket flap replaced. Tunic slighty shortened (period time). Waffen-SS insignia added postwar.
No signs of a previsouly attached breast eagle!
Machine-attached SS insignia with crafted iron runes added. Crafted green piped Gebirgsjäger shoulder boards.
Original machine-embroidered Edelweiss sleeeve badge added by hand. Missing Waffen-SS sleeve eagle and cuffband.
Postwar added loops for awards.
Cotton lining with size markings and a maker's mark. Furthermore, a "F40" depot marking.
Size M. Condition 2 to 2- 
Only a few moth bites.

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