Genlt. Stettner - personal tropical field tunic

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Auction ended: July 21, 2018
Important tropical tunic to Generalleutnant der Gebirgsjäger Walter Stettner Ritter von Grabenhofen (1895 - 1944). 
This tunic is worn by Stettner during his service in former Yugoslavia and proven by at least three original photographs showing example the same tunic. Please see last pictures.
Stettner, an early Freikorps Epp member, served as commander of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 99 and 91 before he was promoted an Oberst and commander of 1. Gebirgs-Division. He was awarded the Knight’s Cross for bravery during the battles in the Caucasus on 23.4.1943 and promoted a Generalmajor the same day. In April 1943, Stettner was sent to Albania and Montenegro where he had definitely worn this tunic. It is proven by historic photographs published in Kalteneggers book "Generalleutnant Walter Stettner Ritter von Grabenhofe" (part of this offer). Stettner was reported missed in action on 18.10.1944 near Belgrad.
Walter Stettner Ritter von Grabenhofen is known to be responsible for the "massaker of kefalonia". 
Private purchased 4-pocket field tunic with original attached insignia. Clear signs of wear. Sun bleached due to service in South (see close-ups of pockets). Hand-embroidered General's breast eagle on green cloth backing attached by hand. Textbook General's collar tabs. Hand-attached with clear signs of wear and patina absolutely matching this tunic. Slip-on shoulder boards for a Generalmajor in matching condition. No damage. 
All buttons complete and original attached. The flap of the pocket was sewn down so it wouldn’t stand up anymore.
Original attached Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss sleeve badge (machine-woven type). 
Two loops for his German Cross in gold to the right breast pocket.
Size M.
Slight moth damage to collar tabs and eagle.
Condition 2.

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