Heer Honor Roll Clasp grouping to Hptm. Rausche

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Auction ended: July 22, 2018
Very rare document grouping to Hauptmann Karl Rausche, recipient of the Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer (Ehrenblattspange des Heeres). Rausche served as commander Pionier-Bataillon 26 which was part of 26.Inf.Div. His bataillon was part of "Kampfgruppe Mikosch" at the time of the battles near Rytschow were he was awarded the Honor Roll Clasp for outstanding bravery.
Very rare award certificate for the Honor Roll Clasp. Issued on 7.8.1943. Embossed national eagle stamp. Facsimile signature of Adolf Hitler. Awarded to Rausche as a Hauptmann for "... seine hervorragenden Leistungen auf dem Schlachtfelde bei Rytschow vom 25.11. bis 10.12.1942". Rytschow is located in the "Großer Donbogen" near Stalingrad.
Gilt printed national eagle. Never folded. Two holes. Excellent condition.
Original 4 page "Ehrenblatt des deutschen Heeres" which Rausche is listed as "Bataillons-Führer in einer Kampfgruppe". Not folded. Two holes.
Excellent portrait photo of Karl Rausche wearing his white ummer uniform with badges. He was not awarded the Honor Roll Clasp at that time. 9cm x 13cm. It looks that he signed the photo postwar to the reverse.
Certificate to the Iron Cross 1st Class issued on 29.8.1941. Original ink signature of commander of 26.Infanterie-Division Generalmajor Walter Weiss. Never folded. Two holes.
Certificate to the Iron Cross 2nd Class issued on 2.7.1940. Original ink signature of commander of 26.Infanterie-Division Generalleutnant Sigismund von Förster. Never folded. Two holes. Interesting period time variant pattern.
Certificate to the General Assault Badge issued on 25.6.1942. Original ink signature of the deputy commander of 26.Infanterie-Division. Folded once. Two holes.
Certificates to the Wound Badge in black and silver. Both never folded. Two holes each. ery nice condition.
1936 issued 4 years Long Service Award certificate. Signed by the division commander. Not folded. Two holes.
According to the consignor, Rausche was born on 5.10.1911. Apart from the medals he was awarded confirmed by the certificates part of this grouping, he was awarded the Westwall Medal (1939) and the War Merit Cross 2nd Class (23.12.1944).
A very rare grouping in outstanding condition.

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