Important 3.Garde Ulanen-Regiment silver plate

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Auction ended: July 21, 2018
Important real silver plate presented to Oberleutant Graf von Klinkowstroem when leaving 3. Garde Ulanen-Regiment in 1913 after eight years of service.
3. Garde Ulanen-Regiment was based in Potsdam where the maker of this plate was located: Gadebusch.
Engraved Gothic letters:
"Das Offizierkorps des 3. Garde Ulanen-Regiments dem scheidenden Kameraden Oberleut. Graf v. Klinckowstroem - 1905 - 1913"
The plate shows a hand-engraved "Gardestern" to the center and engraved names of all aristocratic officers of the officer's corps with their crests.
"GADEBUSCH. POTSDAM" maker marked as well as "800" silver stamped and marked with half-moon and crown. 
Diameter: 34cm
Weight: 818,5 gr.

A unique piece of history in very nice condition.

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