Impressive SA-Brigade 61 document grouping Dr. Weyher

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Auction ended: July 22, 2018
Interesting document grouping to Dr. Herbert Weyher. Weyher was a member of several Third Reich organisations such as the SA, Stahlhelmbund, NS-Volkswohlfahrt, NSDAP, RLB, Bund Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Juristen", etc..  In fact, Dr. Weyher served as "Reichsberater" (counsellor-at-law) of SA-Brigade 61 (Hannover). There are at least 30 SA/NSDAP related documents.
The grouping contains all of his original ID cards. Many of them are issued with a photogoraph. Part of the grouping is a woven "GAU HANNOVER-OST" Stahlhelmbund cufftitle with the sleeve badge which goes with it.
There is an impressive 1939 dated promotion certificate in folder promoting him a "Regierungsrat". The folder comes with a large size gilt national eagle to the front side. 
There is such an impressive quantity of documents that we will better have the pictures do the description. 328 pictures loading.

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