Kriegsmarine Honor Roll Clasp grouping to Bootsmaat Graf

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Important grouping to the Kriegsmarine Honor Roll Clasp recipient Bootsmaat Kurt Graf. Only 29 Kriegsmarine Honor Roll Clasps are known to have been awarded since instituted on 5.7.1944. An extremely rare grouping of historical importance! Graf was awarded the Honor Roll Clasp as a Matrosenobergefreiter serving as a "Gefechtsrudergänger" on "S 26" (1. Schnellbootsflottille) on 25.10.1944.
Graf was born on 13.12.1920 at Memel. He joined the Kriegsmarine on 1.10.1939. He was promoted a Bootsmaat on 1.5.1945 and was part of 178 enemy missions at the Channel, the Gulf of Finland, the Black Sea, the East Sea as well as the Norwegian Campaign. 
Graf was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class, the E-Boat Badge, the Iron Cross 1st Class, the Krim Shield, the Wound Badge in black, the Kriegsmarine Honor Roll Clasp, the Kuban Shield as well as the German Cross in gold (according to his notes, awarded on 16.5.1945).
Part of the grouping is his well worn Honor Roll Clasp on ribbon. The clasp is made of tombak and comes with two of four prongs. The ribbon shows great patina and comes with buttons added to attach to his uniform. A nicely worn example with character. Extremely rare.
In addition, there is the extremely rare award certificate issued on 25.10.1944. Embossed stamp "DER OBERBEFEHLSHABER DER KRIEGSMARINE". Facsimile signature of Grossadmiral Dönitz. Rank, name and dated inserted with typewriter (large letter type).
Folded twice. Signed of age.
The document comes with a 9.11.1944 dated letter confirming the award certificate was sent to his family "zur Übermittlung an die Angehörigen". It was issued by "Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine MPA III Az. 3274".
Furthermore, there are the certificates to the Krim Shield (damaged, taped), to the Kuband Shield (folded once, good condition) to the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class (both good condition, folded once) and to the E-Boat Badge (folded once). In addition, there is one postcard as well as a confirmation of his awards, campaigns and other service time related details written by his Kapitänleutnant (probably in prisonship after May 1945).
German Cross in gold made by Otto Klein, Hanau. 134 maker marked to the back-plate. Nice patina. No damage. Weight: 43,8gr.
Original case of issue with signs of age and use. Slightly damaged. Named "Graf" underneath the inlay. 



(Nachlass Kriegsmarine Ehrenblattspange Kurt Graf)

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