SS formal evening dress jacket - SS-Obersturmbannführer

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Extremely rare SS formal evening dress jacket for an SS-Obersturmbannführer of Reichsführung SS
Machine-attached collar tabs for a SS-Obersturmbannführer. The silver officer's cord bordering is perfectly matching the cord around the collar. Matching shoulder boards sewn in. SS shoulder board buttons. Fine wool armband with silver cord to bottom and top. A multi-piece constructed armband with a ripped silk circle with machine-attached black swastika (also from ripped silk). The armband is attached by hand.
Textbook "Reichsführung-SS" cuffband. Hand-stiched officer's type attached my machine. Both cuffs bordered with officer's cord. 
Scarce Totenkopf breast badge showing the SS skull with bandeau. The skull's eyes are backed with red cloth.
The SS runic buttons are RZM M5/8 and EXTRA FEIN marked. One is RZM M5/65 SS marked. 
Aiguillette attached to a button underneath the shoulder board and two black "Solide Elegant" marked buttons underneath the lapel. 
Fine black silk lining with a machine-attached "Meyer & Braun", Berlin, tailor's label. 
There is a name tag to the inside of the inner pocket. The name however was cut out to his the owner's name.
Lapel finished with ripped silk.
No moth damage but signs of wear to the lapel which is partially torn due to extensive wear. The buttons holes used for the closure chain shows the same signs of wear.
Medium size. Condition 2.

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