Maj. Wack - Krim German Cross winner's field tunic

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Auction ended: March 9, 2019

Important field tunic to Generalstab Major Heinz Peter Wack. Wack was awarded the German Cross in gold on 16.10.1942 for capturing Fort Schiskova on Krim as an Oberleutnant serving with Pionier-Btl.132.
Please see https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=201117&p=1859467&hilit=wack+palle#p1859467 for Wack's granddaughter's feedback on a collector's inquiry on Wack.

Wack has met Marschall Antonescu during his visit of Sewastopol (Krim). Please see last pictures for a photo Wack next to Antonescu . Wack is also mentioned in "Sevastopol 1942" by Robert Forcczyk.

Wack was born in 1917 and died in 1993.

Privately purchased field tunic with period time applied insignia. This tunic obviously had been worn for quite a few years, Wack must have ordered this tunic as a Leutnant in 1937. Fine silk lining. A "Herr Wack" name tag by the tailor "H.Miltenberg" attached to the inside pocket. It is 1937 dated. 

Generalstab collar tabs attached by hand. Matching "karmesin-rot" piped Major shoulder boards. Sewn-in. One button below the right shoulder board to attach his aiguillette which is still there.

One pair of loops for one award. Three loops for a field ribbon bar. Another small 4 place ribbon bar is sewn to the tunic.
Hand-embroidered officer's breast eagle attached by hand. Worn German Cross in gold. Cloth type. Nicely matching in patina and condition.

Medium size. Good condition 2. No moth damage.


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