NSDAP political leader's tunic - Gemeinschaftsleiter (Gau level)

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Auction ended: March 9, 2019

NSDAP political leader's tunic for a Gemeinschaftsleiter serving at Gau level. Purple piped collar tabs and armband indication Gau level.

Administrative armband for a head area leader with purple color piping. Hand-attached red wool armband with separately attached swastic on white backing and gold twisted cord piping. Swastika and backing constructed from ripped silk.

Original attached RZM M5/65/5 marked NSDAP buttons.

Hand-attached (as it should be) Gemeinschaftsleiter color tabs with gilt rank pips and eagles. Purple pikping. Some staining.
Some holes to the left upper pocket where pins of awards were attached.

Original machine-attached RZM tag "Dienstrock für politische Leiter" to the inner pocket. A size "50" black ink stamp.

Russian postwar inventory markings. One rip.

A nice and rar medium size tunic in good condition 2.

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