Reservist's mug to Donald Trump's German ancestor

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Auction ended: March 9, 2019

German imperial reservist's mug to "Infanterist Trump" serving with "1. Comp. 23 bayr. Inft. Regiment Landau" from "1911-13". High quality porcelain 0,5 litre beer mug showing an impressive (printed) color picture of the regimental casern in Landau as well as two soldiers and the Bavarian King Ludwig III. next to Prinzregent Luitpold to the front side.

The names of all soldiers of 23rd Company of Infantry Regiment 23 are listed to both sides. The mug comes with a zinc lid showing a Bavarian lion sitting next of a soldier. The bottom of the mug shows a soldier dancing with a girl when holding it against the light.

Important "Stein" in very nice condition. Named to "Infanterist Trump" who must have been a family member of Donald Trump's German ancestors. The Trump family was based in Kallstadt which is about 40km North of Landau, where 23. Bayrisches Infanterie-Regiment "Landau" was based.

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