NSKK-Motorstandarte 92 field tunic - Scharführer

Lot 37-0038
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Auction ended: June 1, 2019

Fantastic NSKK field tunic for a Scharführer serving with NSKK-Motorstandarte 92. The tunic comes with 100% original attached insignia. The collar tabs are attached by machine. NSKK driver's sleeve diamond with serious signs of wear. Again, attached by machine.

Typical brown lining with an ink size "50" stamp. Original machine-attached RZM tag "Feldbluse NSKK aus Tuch".  Original aluminium belt hooks. All buttons original attached and RZM marked.

Machine-attached sleeve eagle.

Good condition 2. Medium size.

Including a khaki color cravat with a washed out cloth tag.

Please see next lot for this NSKK-man's brown shirt.

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